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11.11活动通告 2019-11-09

Vim Admin

致VIM 用户:

迎接周年庆和双11 的到来,成功邀请新用户将会得到相应积分奖励,细节如下:

活动有效时间:从2019年11月1日 – 2019年11月30日


第1 位:奖励10 积分
第2 位:奖励20 积分
第3 位:奖励30 积分
第4 位:奖励40 积分
第5 位:奖励50 积分
第6 位:奖励60 积分
第7 位:奖励70 积分
第8 位:奖励80 积分
第9 位:奖励90 积分
第10 位及之后,每增加1 位,奖励100 积分。


Dear VIM Users:

Token e-commerce, the combination of blockchain token plus e-commerce platform. Blockchain being one of the greatest technology revolution and token economy is the latest innovation in the current business era. We combine token and e commerce and greatly applu them to the public consumer market, making internet and and digital assets available for everyone. By doing so, we are also contributed in the history of digital asset.

The revolution of token economy comes with many opportunity, it ensure all to contributed will be rewarded, token is the best reward generated from the blockchain ecosystem. In token ecommerce, all transactions will be tracked and recorded and will be proportionately give away token as reward. Just by switching shopping platform, convert your basic necessities and daily consumables to VIM, you will be rewarded with token, making the most value from your expenditure, creating a win win situation.

VIM had already started its blue print mapping in blockchain, target to develop and make token ecommerce possible by next year!