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Rights allocation ASE pre-purchase conversion announcement 2019-08-23

Vim Admin

To all VIM users:

In view of the very active and support of the first round of ASE conversion, some users have failed to participate due to the login issue. In order to allow all VIM users to participate in the ASE exchange under smooth conditions, the platform will come up with another 1 million ASE for everyone to participate, as follows:

ASE rights allocation mechanism
Pre-purchase conversion total: 4 million pieces
Points required for conversion: 87.5 VIM points
Minimum conversion amount per user: 1
Maximum conversion amount per user: no limit
Pre-purchase conversion period: 72 hours
Pre-order date and time: August 26, 2019 (12PM) to August 29, 2019 (12PM) Beijing time(GMT+8)

Conversion rules and details:
1. Open to all C1 and C2 users of VIM.
2. This conversion is limited to VIM points only.
3. The successful ASE of the conversion cannot be retired. After the exchange is online, it will be released for 12 months.
4. Conversion does not require a payment pin or a mobile phone verification code.
5. After the conversion is completed, the system needs 7 working days to process the data and will be displayed on September 9, 2019. The ASE balance will shown in the VIM APP account.
6. If the number of pre-purchased conversions exceeds 4 million ASEs, users who apply for conversion 1 can still successfully exchange 1 ASE under the allocation mechanism.
7. If the number of pre-purchased exchanges exceeds 4 million ASEs, under the rights allocation mechanism, the number of applications for conversion will be the actual assigned amount as long as it is not less than one after the calculation of the allocation. For example: Suppose A applies for a conversion of 1,000 ASEs, and the total pre-purchase amount reaches 8 million, then A is finally effectively converted into 500 ASEs.
8. The Platform reserves the right to cancel or terminate any invalid or illegal conversion arising from any man-made or technical accident.
9. The pre-purchased VIM points will be deducted directly. After the calculation is completed, if the conversion is unsuccessful, it will be returned to the account.
10. The VIM TECHNOLOGY reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice.

Thanks to the support and patience of users, your support is the driving force of the platform.


To VIM users:

To celebrate the anniversary and 11.11, the successful invitation of new users will receive the corresponding points rewards, the details are as follows:

Activity valid time: November 1, 2019 - November 30, 2019

Invite new regular users directly and you will receive the following invitation rewards:

1st place: Reward 10 points
2nd place: Reward 20 points
3rd place: Reward 30 points
4th place: Reward 40 points
5th place: Reward 50 points
6th place: Reward 60 points
7th place: Reward 70 points
8th place: Reward 80 points
9th place: Reward 90 points
For the 10th place and beyond, for each additional 1 place, 100 points will be rewarded.