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Important Notice

VIM Admin

Important notice!

To all Vim users:

As of October 29th, all the verification work went smoothly and completed, the verification was not successful except the following:

1. ID reuse
2. Submit a photo is not clear or does not meet the review requirements
3. New submission

Important hint:

1. Gold coins can be converted after successful verification of the account
2. All gold coins successfully exchanged with E-Unit will be reloaded on November 2nd.
3. Each account must be guaranteed to have 30 gold coins or 150 points, otherwise the account will be permanently deleted. The date of deletion has been extended to 2nd of November.
4. Any transfer error will result in less than 30 gold coins and 150 points and above for the account and will not be processed.
5. Anyone who redeems less than 30 gold coins can apply to submit the required amount by e-wbs.biz before the 30th.

Hope that users can cooperate with us to help improve work efficiency and operating experience.


Dear VIM Users:

VIM Customer Service Live Chat will be offline for 2 days from 25/05/2020 (Monday) to 26/05/2020 (Tuesday) as it is Malaysia Public Holiday, we will resume to work on 27/05/2020 (Wednesday).

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