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Dear VIM users:

Congratulations for participating Batch#8 in VRP. The launching of Batch#9 is scheduled on 01-12-2021, 12:00PM.

Details of VIM Royal Program Batch#9 as following:
a) Limited to 270 quotas only.
b) On first come first served basis.
c) Accepts Royalty Point (RP) to consume only. [ RP is converted from VIM Token]

Gentle Reminder:
> With the launching of VIM Royal Program Batch#9, user must perform consumption within period. Complimentary AVP and/or VTN Rebate will not be entitled for those unconsumed cycle on time.
> You are encouraged to turn on [Auto Consume] to allow system makes consumption automatically for each cycle on behalf, provided sufficient RP in your account. If you wish to consume cycle manually, please do so on time within given period.
> Each individual batch consists of 20 cycles in total. Users are required to consume all 20 cycles to complete the batch to enjoy full rebate of VIM Token.