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Important Notice 2019-07-25

Vim Admin

To all VIM users:

In line with a more comprehensive community development, VIM will have a new mechanism to optimize the adjustment of the points, the details are as follows:

Gold credit conversion point value-added optimization
1. If the user wants to maintain 6 times the Gold credit conversion point increment, at least one C2 verified member must be added every 30 days.
2. If user do not add any new C2 verified member, the increment value of every 30 days will be reduced by 1 times, from 5 times, 4 times, 3 times, 2 times, and the minimum is 1.5 times.
3. If the user’s value added is 1.5 times after 180 days, with the addition of two C2 verified members, the value added will become 2 times, each additional two C2 verified members will be doubled by a maximum of 6 times.

Accelerated release
1. Each recommended C2 verified member will activate an accelerated release block of 1 with a maximum of 15 blocks.

This adjustment is to cater to a healthier and more benign market expansion. Thanks to the support of multiple community blocks, the platform will do better and bring more good news to you.

This update is valid to all users, starting from 01/08/2019.





– 每一次金额转账额度提升至300,并且开放至自身社区最多6 代。
– 特区商品(无积分返还区)开放让所有商家都能在特区出售商品。
– 红包点击每日释放将基数调整至0.05%。
– 金额转积分功能取消。



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