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[Marketplace] How to withdrawal?

1. After log in click [Profile] 2. Click [My shop] 3. Click [Settlement] 4. Click [Withdrawal] 5. Choose [ERC20] or [OMNI] 6. Choose [Withdrawal Address] *If haven add withdrawal address, please refer to tutorial for [How to add withdrawal address] 7. Enter [Withdrawal Amount] 8. Click [[Withdrawal] *After that just key in [Payment Pin]. User ...

[Marketplace] How to check USDT Settlement Transaction History?

After log in, click [Profile] -> [My shop] -> [USDT settlement] Click [Transaction history] Click [Settled] you may check all the settled amount and the date Click [Unsettled] you may check which Order still in process *If the order have been settle will not appear at this page Remarks: Please wait patiently due to the ...

【Marketplace】What is Merchant Sales Commission?

From 1st of April 2020, the referrer will receive 0.2% of the total monthly sales of all of their buddy merchants (First generation only). Details as below: 1. 0.2% commission per transaction will be deducted from the points received by the merchant (Will not be affected the original points reward) 2. Merchant commission for the ...

【Marketplace】Send Message To The Buyer

After log in, click [Profile] on the homepage Click [View orders] Click any order that you would like to message. Click [Message buyer]. Enter the message and click [Send]. User may check the history on the [My Orders] right top corner. Or click [Chats] on the Marketplace right top corner check the history.

【Marketplace】How do I refund as a buyer?

Refund policy: 1.Buyer received the goods but the goods are found inconsistent with the description, or goods quality problems, or missing goods. 2.Buyer’s personal issue would like to return and refund and the seller agree for that. Buyer if would like to request refund. Click [MESSAGE SELLER] on my orders page and discuss with the ...

【Marketplace】Product purchase

After log in, please a choose a zone to review. Click on the item you would like to purchase and click [VIEW SHOP] to check delivery area. Click on the item you would like to purchase and select quantity. Click [Order Now] afterwards. On the cart page you will see the product and the quantity ...

【Marketplace】How do I check order as a seller?

After log in, click [Profile] Click [My Shop] Click [VIEW ORDERS] Please wait the payment is completed and check delivery address before delivered, If the status change to [PAID], seller may deliver the goods *It will automatic cancel order if after 72hours seller didn’t accept the order. Gold credit will auto return back to buyer’s ...

【Marketplace】Buyers View Message

After log in, click [Feed] on the homepage Click [Chat] If the seller sent the message, it will be show on the [Inbox] page, just click it and view the message *There is a Search button of this page If the seller would like to reply the message just enter the information, click [Send]

To all VIM users:

We bring good news in is beautiful autumn!

To celebrate China's National Day & Mid Autumn Festival, VIM will be launching its Double Spending Speed Up Campaign.

Campaign Details:
1. Campaign will commence on 10/10/2020 12PM (GMT +8)
2. All sales orders that completed in october will be entitled for double spending speed up bonus to be given out to their buddy.

Notice for system enhancement:
A new function for ASE transfer between VIM users will be implemented on 08/10/2020 12PM (GMT +8).

Simple Operating Steps: Go to 【My Profile】 - 【Crowd Funding】-【ASE Transfer】-【Enter Username】-【Insert Transfer Amount】-【Insert Payment Pin】-【Confirm】, detail tutorial for ASE transfer can be reffered at VIM official website.

Should you have any questions, please contact customer service:
Official website:www.vim.technology
Official Email:support@vim.technology