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ASE Exchange Notice 2019-08-20

Vim Admin

To all VIM users:

The much-anticipated ASE exchange will be officially launched at 22/08/2019, 12:00 noon (GMT+8) in Malaysia time, and it will be open to all VIM users and VIPs.

1. As long as it is a regular user or a VIP, users who are C1 or C2 certified can participate.
2. The exchanged ASE balance will be displayed in the digital asset wallet in the VIM account.
3. The exchanged ASE will be locked for 12 months, and will be released when the official exchange is officially launched.
** Protect user rights and avoid malicious selling
4. Each user is exchanged for a minimum of 1 ASE and a maximum of 3000 ASE.
5. The exchange is divided into four phases. When one phase is over, the next phase of the exchange will be start next day at 12 noon (Malaysia time, GMT+8).

The exchange of ASE process is as follows:

[Crowdfund] Exchange of digital assets
1. Click [Crowdfund] on the main page.
2. Click [Active] on the crowdfund page.
3. Select and click on the crowdfund project you want.
4. Click [Exchange]
5. Enter the quantity of exchange of ASE then click [Exchange]
6. After the exchange is successful, you can view the exchanged digital assets in the digital asset wallet.


致所有尊敬VIM 用户:

请所有的用户们注意!平台将在2020 年7 月23 日(北京时间中午12:00)至2020 年7 月29 日(北京时间中午12:00)开放最后一次的归集功能。

2020 年7 月9 日 至 2020 年7 月29 日期间成功验证的账户名单将在30 日移交数据。该批名单的用户可以在2020 年8 月5 日在爷们商城完成“首次验证”并登入以便开启爷们商城购物体验。

VIM 在线客服:www.vim.technology (周一至周五,9:30am – 5:30pm,周六日和马来西亚公假不在线)
VIM 官方邮箱:support@vim.technology