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ASE Exchange Announcement 2019-11-05

Vim Admin

To all VIM users:

The much-anticipated ASE exchange will be officially launched, the details are as follows:

Exchange time: November 5, 2019 (12PM) to November 8, 2019 (12PM) Beijing time(GMT+8)
Total amount: 2.5 million pieces
Points required: 200 VIM points
Minimum exchange amount per user: 1
Maximum exchange amount per user: No limit

***As long as it is a regular user or a VIP, users who are C1 or C2 certified can participate.
***The exchanged ASE balance will be displayed in the digital asset wallet in the VIM account.
***The exchanged ASE will be locked for 12 months, and will be released when the official exchange is officially launched.

The exchange of ASE process is as follows:

[Crowdfund] Exchange of digital assets
1. Click [Crowdfund] on the main page.
2. Click [Active] on the crowdfund page.
3. Select and click on the crowdfund project you want.
4. Click [Exchange]
5. Enter the quantity of exchange of ASE then click [Exchange]
6. After the exchange is successful, you can view the exchanged digital assets in the digital asset wallet.






– 每一次金额转账额度提升至300,并且开放至自身社区最多6 代。
– 特区商品(无积分返还区)开放让所有商家都能在特区出售商品。
– 红包点击每日释放将基数调整至0.05%。
– 金额转积分功能取消。



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