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Announcements  2019-08-31

Vim Admin

To all VIM users:


Upon received the advice from legal department and preparation to be list in future, adjustment will be made to be more conform with national policies, to let platform more healthy to develop.
specific adjustments:

Regular users : Enjoy VIM point 80% return of consumption gold credit, entitled 2 generations of VIM fans accelerated release (The first generation is 5%, the second generation is 1%, calculated by the amount of the converted points)

VIP users     : Enjoy VIM point 80% return of consumption gold credit, entitled 2 generations of VIM fans accelerated release, (first generation 7%, second generation 1.5%, calculated according to the amount of points transferred) trading bonus (0.2%), fans Points (8%).

All users retained 6 times for the gold credit transfer to points, need not to sharring VIM C2 to maintain multiples.

***Multiple adjustment will be adjusted according to market development
***After completing the VIP level, you will enjoy 3 months of fans points.
***For VIP users who completed the VIP level before September 01, 2019, they will enjoy a 3 months offer from September 1, 2019.

At the same time, the VVIP will be introduced. For the future, 101 VVIP will be platform development of community important blocks, and also the VIM public chain of community blocks. The amount of public chain based on the points and gold credit, 50% of the public chain miners fees and handling fees will be weighted dividends to each community block, the details are as follows:

VVIP Conditions : With at least 1000 active fans in each of the 2 communities and at least 1 million VIM points and 50 VIM buddies.

***VVIP classified as knockout system, and if the same conditions arise, the final candidate for the number of fans and VIM points is decided.
***The final interpretation is owned by the platform

The above adjustments will be officially implemented in 2019/09/01,
thanks to the support of the users.



Dear VIM users ,

For celebration of Chinese New Year 2020 from 21/01/2020 until 30/01/2020. During this CNY holiday, our customer service will NOT be operating as well. We will come back to serve you on 31/01/2020 . We seek for your understanding for the delay of responses after the break.

We wish you all Happy Chinese New Year and Happy Holiday!