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Marketplace Launched Announcement

VIM Admin

To all VIM users:


On March 8th, 2019, the International Working Women’s Day, the expected VIM Marketplace will be launched officially. Users who have passed C2 verification in advance will be able to apply for admission to enter into the VIM Marketplace.


In order to cooperate with the launch of the Marketplace, promote consumer consumption, expand user groups and make sellers more active, system preferential strength will be adjusted and a trading dividend will be added.


Ordinary users
1% to 5%
0.1% trading dividend (new added)


VIP users
1.5% to 7%
0.2% trading dividend (new added)


*** trading dividend depends on the gold credit of the user consumes or transfers. Trading dividends will be returned to users in the form of points accelerated release.


For example:
If A consumes or transfers 1W gold credit, then the buddy which A shares can get 10 points integration (for ordinary users) or 20 points integration (for VIP users).


VIM system has a trading unit with an unchangeable gold credit measurement, equivalent to 1.05 dollars, 7.20 RMB, 8.20 HK dollars, 4.40 RM, 1.45 S$, 33 TWD, 120 JPY, 1180 KRW, 15,700 RP.



Dear VIM Users:

VIM Customer Service Live Chat will be offline for 2 days from 25/05/2020 (Monday) to 26/05/2020 (Tuesday) as it is Malaysia Public Holiday, we will resume to work on 27/05/2020 (Wednesday).

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