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Announcement: Vim App feature updates

VIM Admin

Dear Vim user:

Vim app will be down start from 6th of may (Monday) 20:00 until the next day 03:00 (GMT +8) for regular maintenance and system upgrade to cater new modules. During the maintenance period, users will not be able to log in normally, including get red packet, convert points, transfer out, gold credit trading and marketplace.


Users may visit updated tutorial: https://www.vim.technology/en/tutorial/
Please refer of the following updated title:
1.【Marketplace】Purchase Product
2.【Marketplace】How do I check order as a seller?
3.【Marketplace】How do I refund as a buyer?


As improving user experience becomes a bigger component of corporate strategy so the technical team’s is always to give users a better experience. Thank you for your support and your satisfaction is our greatest motivation.



To VIM users:

To celebrate the anniversary and 11.11, the successful invitation of new users will receive the corresponding points rewards, the details are as follows:

Activity valid time: November 1, 2019 - November 30, 2019

Invite new regular users directly and you will receive the following invitation rewards:

1st place: Reward 10 points
2nd place: Reward 20 points
3rd place: Reward 30 points
4th place: Reward 40 points
5th place: Reward 50 points
6th place: Reward 60 points
7th place: Reward 70 points
8th place: Reward 80 points
9th place: Reward 90 points
For the 10th place and beyond, for each additional 1 place, 100 points will be rewarded.