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Gold Credit Deposit Announcement


To all VIM users:

Regarding the gold coin redemption activity held from 22/11 to 24/11, the reload has been completed on 28/11. However, there are some VIM ID did not get reloaded successfully because of:

1. Invalid EWBS ID provided

2. Insufficient E-Unit in EWBS ID provided

3. Invalid VIM ID.

Users who provide invalid VIM ID please send email to VIM official email address with format as below. VIM customer support will process and once completed, users will receive a notification email from VIM.

Email Format:

2)VIM ID when applying for redemption: (optional)
3)Number of gold coin redeemed:
4)A valid VIM ID:

VIM official email address: [email protected]

For better efficiency, users are required to follow the instructions to complete the required information.


To all VIM users:


In order to promote VIM platform merchants to serve consumers better, merchants must pay a security deposit according to the platform requirements.

  1. Security Deposit will be pay by merchant to platform for guarantee the quality of its goods and services.
  2. Merchants should pay a security deposit according to the platform requirements, as a business infringement, breach of contract, violations, and funds for compensation to consumers and other rights holders when the service commitment is not fulfilled.
    Remark : Different types of products will be deducted with different security deposit amount.


  1. Platform has the right to notify the merchant to adjust the security deposit amount by email according to the business changes of the merchant and the actual payment situation.


  1. If the merchant is retired by platform due to violation of the rules or the merchant's store is subject to investigation by the administrative agency, if the application is apply again, platform has the right to increase the amount of the merchant's security deposit.


  1. If the merchant violates the rules and is confirmed by the platform, platform has the right to confiscate the merchant's security deposit as a violate a treaty use and shop will be closed.
  2. If the merchant violates the relevant service commitment or platform rules and causes any loss to platform, platform has the right to replace the amount equivalent to platform loss from the security deposit.

* If platform withdraws the merchant’s security deposit for any payment, it will notify the merchant by email and explain the reason for the payment and the amount of the payment.


  1. The merchant can apply for a refund of the deposit from platform after all orders, claim and transaction have been completed.


Any questions, feel free to contact us:

Official mailbox: [email protected]

Shop mailbox: [email protected]