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System Upgrade Announcement


To all Vim users:

The Vim system will be upgraded from 21:00 on November 19th to 03:00 on November 20th. This upgrade is to expand Vim traffic, the upgrade details are as follow:

1. Verification program optimization, the details are as follow:
A) Login account after successful registration
B) For C1 verification, just upload the ID card, passport or Mainland Travel Permit for Hong Kong and Macao Residents, the same name (including capitalization) and ID number on the document.
C) Automatically approve after uploading the photo.
D) For C2 verification, you need to upload a hand-held document (C1) and a blank sheet of paper with the name and date of Vim.

C1: Only gold coins can be used to transfer points, receive gold coins, receive packets and use transfer function.
C2: Able to use advanced operations such as: trading, shopping, etc.

** Currently all members of the system are considered C1 verification.

2. Trading system optimization, the details are as follow:
A) Buy and sell just fill in the quantity. Prices are based on system exchange rates.
B) After the buyer responds to the advertisement, the payment must be completed within 180 minutes, and click the confirmation to confirm the payment;
After the seller confirms that the payment has been received, the seller must click the confirmation within 180 minutes to complete the transaction.

Deduct Rating:
Case 1:
The buyer has not paid for the timeout, and the rating is deducted by 1 point.
Case 2:
The buyer pays within a limited time and clicks to confirm, but the seller’s failure to confirm receipt and click confirmation within a limited time will be considered a breach of contract. The buyer can appeal and provide receipt and valid relevant evidence, the platform will review it according to the relevant information, confirming that the seller’s default will deduct the relevant gold coins from the seller’s account and transfer to the buyer’s account, the seller will be deducted 1 point.


To VIM users:

To celebrate the anniversary and 11.11, the successful invitation of new users will receive the corresponding points rewards, the details are as follows:

Activity valid time: November 1, 2019 - November 30, 2019

Invite new regular users directly and you will receive the following invitation rewards:

1st place: Reward 10 points
2nd place: Reward 20 points
3rd place: Reward 30 points
4th place: Reward 40 points
5th place: Reward 50 points
6th place: Reward 60 points
7th place: Reward 70 points
8th place: Reward 80 points
9th place: Reward 90 points
For the 10th place and beyond, for each additional 1 place, 100 points will be rewarded.