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Operation Reminder Announcement


The Vim has completed the system upgrade on 13rd November. The settlement time on the first day is 6 hours (00:00am to 06:00am on 14th November). The following are some operational details to help users understand Vim’s system operation. The details are as follows:

1. The system settlement is changed to the daily settlement, the daily settlement period is 00:00am to 03:00am, no APP operation can be performed during this period including registration and login.
2. Adjustments to the trading system include the seller’s account display and the time limit for the transaction. During the adjustment period, the trading function will be closed, and reopened on 19th November. Currently, users can use the transfer function to transfer coins.
Remarks: At present, the transaction cannot be completed because the transaction fails to display the seller’s bank information, and the pending transaction will be cancelled one after another.
Buyers do not makes the payment
Sellers do not confirm the transfer of gold coins

3. Ladies and gentlemen, the gold coins exchanged with e-units on the 9th-11th will be uniformly distributed to the designated Vim account on 19th November.

The Vim technical team is serious about giving users a better operating experience. User cooperation will be our greatest motivation.


To all VIM users:

Thank you for your support and tolerance all the way to the platform. During the active adjustment and rectification, the platform will make a new appearance after the 2020 Chinese New Year to benefit more members. VIM will definitely become a model for the new e-commerce platform.