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Announcement 2019-10-24

Vim Admin

To all VIM users:

Thanks to all users for their support, while welcoming the first anniversary, it also ushered in a new look, and the adjustment will be better for the platform to develop, so that the community can grow healthily.

Policy 1 (October 28 – Beijing time, 12pm)
Gold Credit convert to points adjustment:
1 new member (accumulate) – enjoy 1.5 multipliers
2 new members (accumulate) – enjoy 2 multipliers
5 new members (accumulate) – enjoy 2.5 multipliers
20 new members (accumulate) – enjoy 3 multipliers
VVIP – enjoy 6 multipliers
*** If you want to maintain 6 multipliers, spend at least 500 Gold Credit in the marketplace every month. The multipliers of next month will be 0 if spend less than 500 Gold Credit in marketplace.
***The new members shared count as valid registered users starting from September 1, 2019
*** Member need to maintain 150 points or 75 amounts
*** Multipliers will be adjusted as the market expands.

Policy 2 (October 25 – Beijing time, 12am)
In order to stabilize the price and benefit the development of the community, the transfer function is limited only two blocks of sharing relationship, or choose to complete directly in the Gold Credit trading area, and the trading transaction fee is adjusted to 5%.
*** Registered shop is allowed to receive Gold Credit as a commodity transaction.
*** All registered merchants must submit 1000 Gold Credit or 10,000 points as a deposit when applying to open a shop. If the shop is reported for product quality or any violation of the rules of the platform, the deposit will be forfeited and the shop will be permanently terminated. (Starting on the 25th, all registered merchants should pay points or Gold Credit to customer service before 1st of November to continue the operation in VIM Marketplace)
*** If any merchant involves sell off or scalping Gold Credit, the account will be permanently terminated and all accounts involved will be freeze for review.
***The new registration of the VIM system: certificate, identity, mobile phone number, can only be registered once, no duplicate. (Not affected to registered accounts)

Policy 3 (October 28 – Beijing time, 12pm)
1. Users just need to complete the C1verification to unlock all the functions of VIM.
2. The effective sharing users of VIP begins on November 5, 2018

Policy 4
The first VIM VVIP training camp will be opened for the first time with a quota of 101, at that time, more participation detail will be published for users.


Dear VIM Users:

Token e-commerce, the combination of blockchain token plus e-commerce platform. Blockchain being one of the greatest technology revolution and token economy is the latest innovation in the current business era. We combine token and e commerce and greatly applu them to the public consumer market, making internet and and digital assets available for everyone. By doing so, we are also contributed in the history of digital asset.

The revolution of token economy comes with many opportunity, it ensure all to contributed will be rewarded, token is the best reward generated from the blockchain ecosystem. In token ecommerce, all transactions will be tracked and recorded and will be proportionately give away token as reward. Just by switching shopping platform, convert your basic necessities and daily consumables to VIM, you will be rewarded with token, making the most value from your expenditure, creating a win win situation.

VIM had already started its blue print mapping in blockchain, target to develop and make token ecommerce possible by next year!