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Announcement 2019-05-23

VIM Admin 2

To all VIM users:


The user feedback regarding VIM app updating speed is slow, especially the users in China and resulting in a bad experience for new users. The OTA Server will be optimized on tomorrow (24/05/2019) at 15:00 (GMT +8). All the users kindly uninstall and re-download the VIM APP, and the update details are as follows:


Updated version v2.7.0
1, Update OTA Server
2, System optimization
3, If the customer places an order at the shop and does not click “Parcel Received” after receiving the goods, the gold credit and point will automatically deposit to your account after 8 days from the expected arrival time.


If any enquiry or suggestion, welcome to VIM online customer service or send an email to the official email for assistance.


VIM Online customer service:www.vim.technology
VIM Official email:support@vim.technology
VIM Marketplace email:shop@vim.technology


Thank you for your patience and support.



Dear VIM Users:

VIM Customer Service Live Chat will be offline for 2 days from 25/05/2020 (Monday) to 26/05/2020 (Tuesday) as it is Malaysia Public Holiday, we will resume to work on 27/05/2020 (Wednesday).

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Official website:www.vim.technology
Official Email:support@vim.technology
Marketplace Email:shop@vim.technology