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Gold Credit Redemption Announcement

VIM Admin

To all VIM users:

Regarding the gold credit redemption activity held from 31/12/2018 to 02/01/2019, the deposit has been completed on 18/01/2019. However, some of the gold credit were not deposited due to:

1. Fill in the wrong VIM username
2. Invalid VIM username
3. Fill in the UID / number
4. Users who have not yet registered a VIM account

Users please send the valid VIM username and related information to the VIM official email address in the following format, we will process and once completed, users will receive a notification email from VIM.

2)VIM username when applying for redemption: (optional)
3)Number of gold credit redeemed:
4)A valid VIM Username:

VIM official email address: support@vim.technology

For better efficiency, users are required to follow the instructions to complete the required information.


Dear VIM Users:

VIM Customer Service Live Chat will be offline for 2 days from 25/05/2020 (Monday) to 26/05/2020 (Tuesday) as it is Malaysia Public Holiday, we will resume to work on 27/05/2020 (Wednesday).

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