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【Operation】C2 Verification

VIM Admin
  1. After log in, click the [Settings] button on the top right corner.
  2. Click [User Verification C2].
  3. Click [Upload Image].
  4. Please read the conditions before click [confirm].
  5. Upload document user may choose [Take Photo] or [Choose from Library]
  6. Note:Please upload a photo of yourself while holding ID along with a white paper written with content stating ‘Vim’, your username and current date.
  7. Please confirm the photo is clear and no flash
  8. -After uploaded the photo, you may click [View Image] to check.
  9. -If confirmed, click [Submit].
  10. Click [OK] if an alert notice: Your details are uploaded.
  11. The verification process requires 5-7 working days, please be patient.
  12. User may return to homepage and check the status.
  13. After verified  , User may use the function which is [Gold Credit Trading] or [Marketplace].

Dear VIM users ,

For celebration of Chinese New Year 2020 from 21/01/2020 until 30/01/2020. During this CNY holiday, our customer service will NOT be operating as well. We will come back to serve you on 31/01/2020 . We seek for your understanding for the delay of responses after the break.

We wish you all Happy Chinese New Year and Happy Holiday!