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Risk Warning 2019-06-13

Vim Admin

To all VIM users:


VIM Gold Credit has reached a global consensus and is getting more valuable! Please carefully to protect your confidential information, including mobile phone number, ID number, birthday date, login password and payment pin, the login password should be set in alphanumeric and payment pin should not be set in a simple logical numbers to prevent the account from being hacked! All users are urged not to leave a username, login password and payment pin on other pages and links in addition to the official website and Vim APP.


Special reminder, users who to buy, sell, or transfer Gold Credit over the system. Please remember to make KYC (know your customer) and have a certain trust base. Also remind all users not to carry out any product trading or Gold Credit transfer through the intermediary, and need to complete the review of the other party’s information. Otherwise, this may lead to information disclosure and increase the chance of criminals hacking your account.


*** Please keep your assets safely

*** Login password set in alphanumeric

*** Password avoids the same as username

*** 6-digit payment password set with stronger mix numbers


Trading is risky, transfer must be cautious





Dear VIM Users:

VIM Customer Service Live Chat will be offline for 2 days from 25/05/2020 (Monday) to 26/05/2020 (Tuesday) as it is Malaysia Public Holiday, we will resume to work on 27/05/2020 (Wednesday).

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