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【Gold Credit Trading】How To Purchase On Sell List

VIM Admin
  1. Before you start the trading, please complete C1 & C2 certification for your account as required.
  2. After log in, click [Gold Credit Trading] on the homepage.
  3. Select the country and check the price shown in the system. After that, click [selling list] and select the amount. If confirmed , click [Sell].
  4. After click [Sell], you will not be able to cancel the transaction after you have accepted it or else your reputation will be deducted. Remind to all of the buyer If would like to proceed, please confirm the seller’s name is it same with the bank de
  5. tails before you transfer. If confirmed, click [Continue] and proceed to transfer.
  6. Remarks: The buyer must complete the payment within 180 minutes. If the buyer fails to pay within the time limit, the transaction will be cancelled automatically, and Gold Credit will withdraw and deduct the credit value by 1 point.
  7. Click [History] on the top right corner to view the order.
  8.  And click [>] read the alert carefully and click [Continue].
  9. Please make transfer according to the bank account information provided by the seller. Remind all the buyer please click the [Confirmed] after completed the transfer.
  10. Fill in the payment reference number and upload the payment slip then click [Submit].
  11. After the payment is completed, seller must verify and click [Confirm] within 180 minutes. The transaction status will show [Done Transfer] afterwards.
  12. Remarks:  If the buyer already completed the order within 180 minutes but the seller does not release Gold Credit. Buyer may choose to dispute and if you fully comply with the transaction, we will determine that Gold Credit is belongs to you.
  13. After the seller confirmed the order, buyer will receive a notification mentioned that Gold Credit transferred to your account.
  14. The status on the [History] page will show [Completed] and that mean Gold Credit already transferred to the buyer’s account and the transaction is successful.

Please do not click [Confirmed] if the payment is not complete, this is a kind of malicious behavior. When the order is appealed and the fact was established after investigation, the system will have the rights to freeze the buyer’s account immediately.

Make sure your phone is allow to receive the Vim notifications.

To VIM users:

To celebrate the anniversary and 11.11, the successful invitation of new users will receive the corresponding points rewards, the details are as follows:

Activity valid time: November 1, 2019 - November 30, 2019

Invite new regular users directly and you will receive the following invitation rewards:

1st place: Reward 10 points
2nd place: Reward 20 points
3rd place: Reward 30 points
4th place: Reward 40 points
5th place: Reward 50 points
6th place: Reward 60 points
7th place: Reward 70 points
8th place: Reward 80 points
9th place: Reward 90 points
For the 10th place and beyond, for each additional 1 place, 100 points will be rewarded.