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Function Updated Announcement 2019-07-12

Vim Admin

Dear VIM user:

In order to make the user enjoy and more convenient operating experience, as 15/07/2019 (GMT +8) system will be optimized for function updates.

The details of the optimized as follows:
1.     Gold Credit Trading: When user purchasing the gold credit must upload a picture of the bank receipt before filling in the reference number. (Receipt must show receiver name, account number, bank, transaction status and transaction time and date)
2.     Gold Credit Trading: Minimum of 100 gold credit per transaction
3.     Marketplace: User must verify C1 after that only can view Marketplace and shop
4.     Convert Points: Minimum of 10 gold credit per transaction

More function updated details please visit https://www.vim.technology

Any feedback or advised, please feel welcome to reach back out as we would be more than happy to assist.
VIM Online Customer Service:www.vim.technology
VIM Official Website:support@vim.technology


Dear VIM Users:

Good News!! To celebrate official collaboration and opening of【Yeahhmen}】Y Mall on the coming 13/07/2020 12:00PM (GMT +8). The first 1000 users who activate their account will enjoy 30 Yume Instantly!!

Assets that are migrated from VIM to Yeahhmen are referred as YuPoint.

Yeahhmen use (Yume) as the main transaction currency. 1 Yume equals to 1 USDT.

To understand more information, please visit the hyperlink below!

*** Gentle Reminder:

YuPoint related terms & conditions are to be referred to Yeahhmen.

Asset transfer function will be stopped on 08/07/2020, please make sure you have performed the neccessary phone verification and asset transfer within the stipulated time frame to ensure a smooth migration towards Yeahhmen.

Should you have any questions, please contact customer service:
Official website:www.vim.technology
Official Email:support@vim.technology