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Function Updated Announcement 2019-07-12

Vim Admin

Dear VIM user:

In order to make the user enjoy and more convenient operating experience, as 15/07/2019 (GMT +8) system will be optimized for function updates.

The details of the optimized as follows:
1.     Gold Credit Trading: When user purchasing the gold credit must upload a picture of the bank receipt before filling in the reference number. (Receipt must show receiver name, account number, bank, transaction status and transaction time and date)
2.     Gold Credit Trading: Minimum of 100 gold credit per transaction
3.     Marketplace: User must verify C1 after that only can view Marketplace and shop
4.     Convert Points: Minimum of 10 gold credit per transaction

More function updated details please visit https://www.vim.technology

Any feedback or advised, please feel welcome to reach back out as we would be more than happy to assist.
VIM Online Customer Service:www.vim.technology
VIM Official Website:[email protected]


To all VIM users:

Thank you for your support and tolerance all the way to the platform. During the active adjustment and rectification, the platform will make a new appearance after the 2020 Chinese New Year to benefit more members. VIM will definitely become a model for the new e-commerce platform.