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【Operation】C1 Verification

Vim Admin

After log in, click [Profile]

*Before verified C1, please check your [Vim Buddy] is correct (Sharer’s ID)
*Please skip this step if user didn’t fill in Sharer’s ID when register

Click [My Profile] and check the [Vim Buddy].

If correct, back to previous page and click [Security]

Click [Not verified] to continue

Fill in your full name and Ic/Passport number
Notes: the name must be the same as the name on the ID, including capital letter)

After that, click [ Upload IC photo]

*Photo must be Identity card, passport or mainland Travel Permit (Hong Kong) either one

Sample for Identity card: The front of certificate must be shown in C1 Certificate, photo must be clear and no flash.

If confirmed, click [Submit].

Click [OK] if an alert notice: Your identity has been authenticated

After verified, user allow to use Marketplace function of VIM app

User may return to homepage and check the status [C1 verified] on the the security page

Crazy November, Shop More Gain More!

To all VIM users:

Multiple good news will be announce in this November to to show our appreciation for the continuous support of our VIM users, details as follows:

1. Users may enjoy 3 times spending speed up bonus for the month of November.
2. Double 11 Activity - All orders placed on 11th and 12th November 2020 will enjoy 80% V Point Rebate
3. Settled USDT transfer function will be made available - Merchant may transfer their Settled USDT to other user, recipient user will receive "Available USDT" and its buddy will receive respective top up speed up bonus. This function will be made available on 09/11/2020, 12PM (GMT+8)

Details can be refered in the App, should you have any queries, please feel free to reach out to customer support:

Official website:www.vim.technology
Official Email:support@vim.technology