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【Operation】Download APP And Share QR Code Registration (IOS System)

VIM Admin
  1. Scan the QR code of invitation from Vim buddy and follow the step by step on the page.
  2. Please confirm your Vim buddy (Upline UID) is correct before you go through the page.
  3. Fill in the Username (username must contain numbers or characters ), mobile number , nationality , password (8~32 numbers or characters ) and confirm password.
  4. Please confirm that the information is correct and all details cannot be changed after registration is completed.
  5. If confirmed , just click [OK].
  6. You will be bring into TAC request page , just click [Request For TAC].
  7. Fill in the TAC when you’re received.
  8. After you filled in the TAC just click [Verify TAC].
  9. The Alert will be shown which is ‘Successfully Verified TAC!’.
  10. After the registration is successful , just click APP STORE to download the app.
  11. And you will be notice to click on the top right corner to open in safari .
  12. Just click APP STORE to download the app and confirm to install.
  13. Finish of installation , just click the VIM APP and the alert will be notice ‘Untrusted Enterprise Developer’.
  14. When you saw the alert just go to [settings] -> [Genaral] -> [Device Management] -> click on [vimdeveloper] -> Turst ‘vimdeveloper’ -> Trust
  15. Restart VIM APP and you are able to log in .

To all VIM users:

Thank you for your support and tolerance all the way to the platform. During the active adjustment and rectification, the platform will make a new appearance after the 2020 Chinese New Year to benefit more members. VIM will definitely become a model for the new e-commerce platform.